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I went to LiSA’s first Philippine concert, and it was wonderful.

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This photo released by the staff of anison singer LiSA shows the audience reception and the viability of the event — the one marked in the balcony area is this writer. [@LiSA_STAFF on Twitter]

There’s a little bit of a story before this event happened — weeks before this, I actually had tantrums as I was thinking of the worst possible scenario of not actually being able to come here, but then one day Al gave me a ticket to the balcony because it’s just too hard to miss, and he want me to narrate the situation. I will not delve further on what he did, but please, let’s focus on the report.

To start this report (this post will lean more on discussion rather than being merely an event report), I arrived halfway before 3:00pm at the Samsung Hall lobby trying to hide my presence (because I don’t want them to know that I am actually arriving to watch — I was only able to baffle a few people within my circle though). During that time, I noticed the marshalls trying to minimize the noise as LiSA rehearses in the auditorium by making sure that the door gets closed fast. Fair enough, since the fans beside me are really excited to hear her sing and that would just preserve their hype — they’re even singing her songs, and some of them are dressed similarly to the songstress.

There’s this group of fans that brought in a tarpaulin to serve as a message board to LiSA to be given to her during the meet and greet. The merchandise being sold before the event had been sold out — and I was not fortunate to get those can badges that they are selling, expecting that they will stock out fast. The fans are waiting at the cordoned area in the middle of the lobby, or in the case of those who will be at the balcony, the stairway. I’ve estimated more than 20 marshalls in the lobby (and chances are there are more marshalls inside). As I’ve heard from fellow media that people are reserving their seats, I hurried — who knows, I still might get the best seat on the top. Thankfully, I secured a spot in the middle of it.

Before 5:00pm, we are asked to queue at our respective places, and I’ve actually met aniblogger Benigmatica and Kirby’s friends. I threw in the possibility of LiSA coming back in the country, to which they say that it’s a 50–50 chance: It will depend on the outcome of the concert.

At the ground area, people are reminded with the venue rules. I elaborated that with the marshall in charge and basically we can’t use our phones as it emits bright light — distraction happens when a bright light is emitted in a venue with no lights, so let’s leave it as it is.

Observing the place where I am seated, I am not wondering why there are less people in the balcony — as I am writing this, I contemplate: was it our fault, or it’s just that there are only a third or so of the balcony’s estimated seating capacity of 400+ who bought tickets for that spot? I’d better ask those who attend to participate as I need everyone to participate in this report’s discussion.

Six in the evening came and the concert has started — I like it that the event started on time — with “crossing field” as the opening number. Prior to this concert, @Zeroblade did an all-nighter and prepared a guide which is proved very helpful during the opening.

Before we get to the other parts of the program, here’s my estimate of the people at the Samsung Hall — in a 1000-seater venue (as stated in the SM Aura Premier website), the auditorium area covers 60% and the balcony covers 40%. From the 60% on the ground, I can safely provide an estimate 95% occupation. Kirby told us during the podcast that there are around 50 reserved seats there which were not used. On the balcony, I mentioned earlier that I saw an estimated 40% occupation — that does not include the media, which were situated at the first few rows.

LiSA Manila Live setlist:

  • crossing field
  • oath sign
  • 一番の宝物 (live acoustic mix)
  • no more time machine (live acoustic mix)
  • シルシ (live acoustic mix)
  • エレクトリリカル
  • Rally Go Round
  • Rising Hope
  • Crow Song (live acoustic mix)

The said event is dubbed as a “Mini-Live and Meet-and-Greet,” but she sang four acoustic songs, as stated in the set list we are sharing above. I also noticed a piece of paper beside laid on the floor beside her which probably contained her dialogue — from “Kamusta kayong lahat?” to “Sa uulitin.” During our discussion after the event, Kirby pointed out that LiSA has this professionalism with her as she does the concert — from the Q&A, to hyping up the audience, so on and so forth — we are simply lucky that we got to see her at a price lower than her previous concerts in Singapore, which was pointed out by Art in the comments on one of pur previous posts. One of my friends in Indonesia also attests to this. Regardless of how much the ticket price was, it’s still a first of its kind in the country.

The best moment that I had was during the part where she performs “エレクトリリカル” (Electrolyrical). To illustrate this, I am sharing a video of a wota doing the moves patterned after the said song. Moreover, I am so hooked with that specific move that she taught us that it is engrained in my mind and I want my fellows to do the same. Hidari, migi, pi-yon~, pi-yon~, and something like that.

Let’s get on with the Question and Answer segment during the middle part of the show which includes questions from the host, and here are the highlights:

  1. How was her first time? — She didn’t know that there are people who really know her here.
  2. She mentioned bananas and mangoes and pork and bamboo rice and even halo-halo, which is basically our own rendition of Japan’s kakigoori.
  3. During the “Final Operation” concert that she did for Angel Beats!, she cried. What made her cry? — She realized that it she will be singing the last song for the said concert, where she is the singing voice for Girls Dead Monster’s Yui.
  4. What came to her mind when it was decided that she come in the country? — Bananas. “I think I can eat a lot of bananas,” she said, considering that we are an exporter. You might want to take a look at Gintama episode 190 for a reference.
  5. LiSA has her songs scattered in various anime series, but which series are her favorite/s? — Character-wise, Nisekoi (where she sang “Rally Go Round”); Story-wise, Fate/Zero (where she sang Oath Sign).
  6. What kind of guy you would like to date with? — Tall and kind, like Woody from Toy Story. Also, “There’s so many wonderful guys here that she’s having a hard time picking.”
  7. In her musical career, who was her most influential artist? Avril Lavigne is her inspiration — in fact, she wants to be like her.

Kirby also said that LiSA knows how to hype the audience, which made me realize how idols do their work — they are performing tracks that will spark the interest of their fans, and in return the fans give them the best cheers that they can do. The more I think of it, the more I remember my position at the balcony — it’s far from the stage (How can give our idol the feedback she will appreciate?), and I read that some people refer to it as an area for plebeians (Which is not fair at all since I know those guys beside me supported her first visit to this very country and some of them even have lightsticks).

For all those doubts, I remember the fact that she tried to reach us by asking this: “Second floor?” I tried my best to respond from atop.It also helps that I borrowed binoculars to see the stage closer even if I was looking at a hole — and boy, I wasn’t wrong. I can see her smile, and I did not felt alone as I juggle writing, viewing and responding to the moves and shakes of the cute pop-rock songstress that is Risa Oribe herself.

Okay, Jay, calm down now; don’t let the feels step in now.

As with any live concert that I have attended, there’s the encore part. From my perspective, that measures how big the fans’ feedback for the artist is. That will always be my second favorite part of a concert. The encore song is an acoustic rendition of Crow Song, which feels so familiar with me as I’ve heard it a lot of times.

The concert ended at around 7:30pm (The Cosplay Cafe says it ended at around 6:30, but I think that is longer than that), and we are lucky to have ten songs on the set list, which I’ve been told is a portion of the typical lives in neighboring countries. As the concert ends, LiSA received a Minions Happy Meal; and we at the balcony are escorted out of the balcony into the lobby and I went out of SM Aura Premier fast to calm down afterwards.