I went and see the Cebu Capitol in my last night here

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Photos of the Day — 4 December 2016

Our event at the Cebu Trade Hall has ended, and to cap off the night, I took a night stroll after we sort things out.

I took this while I’m waiting to cross the other side of Osmeña Boulevard, and if you see this in person, it’s beautiful — I guess it’s more gorgeous during the day.

Prior to this, I stumbled upon a resto called “Coffee Prince.” I think this was named after the hit Korean series.

Last time, I tried Orange Brutus’ Breakfast Tocino, and now I tried their Spaghetti — this time, at their Fuente Osmeña branch. It’s delicious, and just enough for a stopover after walking kilometers or so.

I’ll be coming back to Manila on Monday late night, so before that, I’m going to explore Cebu by day. I’m ecstatic to take photos already, as you may have noticed.