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I tried Cebu’s local fastfood for a change

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Delicious breakfast and lunch, yes?

Cebu has its share of local restaurants — some of them include Orange Brutus and Jonie’s. Here’s my first impressions of the meals I ate:

Orange Brutus

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SM Cebu has just opened its doors this morning. I was asked by my workmate where we can eat for breakfast, to which I said that we won’t go to Jollibee because I have eaten their meals for days. Then I stumbled upon Orange Brutus.

Describing itself as “Cebu’s first favorite,” Orange Brutus was established on the 80’s, long before Jollibee and McDonald’s appeared in the city. I tried their breakfast tocino meal, and the meat is great as it is convenient to slice to bite-sized pieces.


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After doing what happens to be my first social media campfire session (I’m doing it for free once again tomorrow, so visit the Cebu Trade Hall so we can talk about stuff), I am treated to a takeaway of Jonie’s, which is my kind of a fastfood full course — steak, egg, sausage and rice with corn on the side. The sauce is just delicious, though I do have reservations in the meat.

Tomorrow’s my last day at the Cebu Trade Hall, and afterwards I’ll be spending my last hours in Cebu travelling to places — yes, I will make sure that my camera is ready to take beautiful photos.