I do want a merger between 765 and 315 to happen

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For most of you, this is not possible, but what if this happened either way?

This is a work of fiction. Anything can happen, but this is what I am thinking at the moment.

Finally, after two weeks of working straight, I get to take a break. Even just for a day. For this one, I’m going to get a new pair of shoes, contemplate on whether if I will really still push through Saturday’s ESGS and LoveLive! Sunshine!! Aqours 2nd Live Delayed Viewing — and finally, I got back to write to you once again.

I just watched THE [email protected] SIDE M last night. This beast is different from Million Live, Cinderella Girls and even the original [email protected], composing of (1) males with (2) various professional and/or student backgrounds. There’s a former lawyer, a former surgeon, a former pilot, former teachers, a light school club, so on and so forth.

So let’s get to the question I raised at the top: Why do I want to have 315 Productions merge with 765 Productions?

  1. Their offices look and stay humble.
  2. The idols, producers and staff help each other, and
  3. Those who have professional backgrounds can help the organization.

Consider and imagine the following:

  • Teru Tendo, a former lawyer, may continue his profession as a lawyer, in which he can be the resident lawyer for the merged org, while Kaoru Sakuraba can be the resident first-aider, and Tsubasa Kashiwagi can be the navigator for when the merged org does overseas events.
  • Some of the idols have the privilege to do home study, thanks to S.E.M.
  • Ritsuko Akizuki and Ryo Akizuki will be under one roof, and I’d like to have a Slice-of-Life series on that — with a Saki Mizushima cameo, papi.(Also, looking forward to see F-LAGS in the anime)
  • The merged org has both Ryuugu Komachi and W, both of which can appear in sports events such as baseball and football respectively.
  • More helping hands in the admin side of things, as we have Ritsuko, Ken, Kotori, and Konomi hand in hand altogether assisting in papers and documentation stuff.
  • Let me sneak in this one here: Jupiter joins 765PRO ALL STARS hand-in-hand to become TOP IDOL.

THE [email protected] is a work of fiction characterized into reality, continuously reaching fans’ minds and hearts. It is inevitable that I show up to you this time with these thoughts in mind as I, a constant daydreamer, continues to dream about slide-of-life scenarios. With these said, I do hope you consider my thoughts on this with an open mind. I’ll write to you again soon.