Hypnosis Underground 2 on February 08, 2020

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Over the span of almost three years, Hypnosis Microphone has grown to have its own anime series coming this year. Last year, an event was organized for the avid fans: Hypnosis Underground (HypUG).

Hypnosis Underground fan event

The first HypUG held at One Corporate Center in Ortigas went so well that it warranted a second installment.

Last year’s event was done in a bar setup, but this year’s edition has another addition: Water. Lots of it. I think this is more of a pool episode rather than a beach episode if I say so myself.

From last year’s four teams, Hypnosis Underground 2: Get Wet, Get Wild adds two more teams based on the new additions in the HypMic roster.

If you noticed closely, organizer Edge Marketing has invited foreign guests as well – Thames Malerose of Thailand and Alex Law of Australia. They will have their fan meets as well, a bonus for their fans in the Philippines.

Splashing activities

There’s a lot of activities at HypUG 2, but those who got the Diamond access can enter the penthouse.

How to Enter Hypnosis Underground 2

Hypnosis Underground 2 will be held on February 8 (Saturday) at 1588 Benitez Place, Ermita, Manila.

Tickets are already available online on a pre-order basis. Note: By the time you read this, the Diamond access probably has sold out, but you can still reserve for other available event passes. See you at HypUG 2!

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