Hypnosis Mic, in short sentences.

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Just how many months have been since Hypnosis Mic started? Just. How. Many. Months.

I’ve been referring to this as seiyuu Fliptop rap battle league but feel free to call me out ah.

2.5D seiyuu projects such as LoveLive! and Revue Starlight are high-stakes yet high-impact spectacles which we love, but Hypnosis Mic is something for me.

Ok, we got The [email protected] Side M, Idolish7, UtaPri and the like, but HypMic is a unique concept.

HypMic takes the flexible story of the Warring States era and turns it into a tag-team rap battle — or so I think.

Ikebukuro, Yokohama, Shinjuku and Shibuya — for each division there are three contenders forming a team.

This project was launched in October 2017, and even before it reaches its first year anniversary, they announced that they will have a mobile game in 2019.

Take note: Just a month after launch, they performed live — and as per Anime News Network, they got a slew of merch and CDs this year.

No doubt, it got the hearts of its fans — one of them is LoveSo’s Mikachu.

Here’s the thing though: In my mind, Mikachu and HypMic are no longer separable.

I guess that’s how things go from here, yes?