Yes/No Concept in my Anime Picking?

I’ve had my experience with Anime Listing websites like MyAnimeList and Anime-Planet but there will be another one soon, and this one is different — it uses a binary (YES/NO) system rather then the common decimal format.

It’s called Hummingbird.

The concept started from the question “what’s the difference between a 3.5-star series and a 4-star series?,” and using the binary system for anime recommendations is one feat to fulfill.

I already have requested invites through their website ( and is now on the waiting list. For those who are on MAL, they will provide an import tool, which I am a bit skeptical — will they round off the numbers or do something else? Too early to tell, but there is a possibility of this startup to win over MAL over the course of five to ten months for its simple usability.

My next concern is that they are on the Libyan domain (.ly), and there are situations that involved this simple TLD, like the time when a .ly domain failed to comply with the local laws and gets removed without notice. We might have NSFW titles on their list so I’d like them to take this into consideration if necessary.

With these things in mind, I hope this breakaway site makes big waves in the community. Here is a press release if you need more information in regards to this upcoming service.