Here’s what I am expected to watch this Winter

Once again, Happy New Year!

I have rarely written longer stuff nowadays, so on this free time that I have I shall discuss what I am expected to watch this Winter Anime Season.

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Akiba’s Trip the Animation

What I always think about this series, aside from being a game adaptation, is that it’s the second season of one of my favorite industry-related titles Sore ga Seiyuu. (I’ve watched this just recently, FYI.)

The trio who were on the latter are cast as the three leads in the series. Rie Takahashi (aka Mashu, aka EXPLOOOOSION!), Marika Kouno (aka Tenka Hanabi) and Yuki Nagaku (who actually landed a role as this year’s generation’s Mimette in Sailor Moon Crystal), also known as Earphones, have also had their characters from Sore ga Seiyuu shown for a few seconds in the series.

Masamune’s Revenge

This looks like Accel World but it’s not. Case in point: No technobabble, and the guy MC was able to transform himself from the shape of Haruyuki Arita to that of a narcissist, obsessive-compulsive Gary Stu. I like the premise though, and the way it executes its first episode is funny. (I’ve watched this too, FYI.)

Urara Meirochou

Cute artwork, slice-of-life, comedy, cute girls doing Divination — OK, it’s on my list.


I can’t figure what to think of this even after reading the synopsis, but I’m seeing raves over this series on Facebook, so I’ll get this as well.

Youjo Senki

Aoi Yuuki’s in the lead for this series, so it’s an obligatory watch. From what I see, this time, she’ll be doing the role of a saner berserk Hibiki — and I’ve found out as well that Saori Hayami’s in it as well. Good. Gooooooood.


Hi, Ev. You might have heard of this series where Twitter is a plot device. I’m going to watch it and so you should, I guess? Also, it’s animated by Diomedea, of which I have a critical stand of.

Minami Kamakura High School Girls Cycling Club

Reina Ueda (Bakuon!, Hanayamata, The 35th Test Platoon) is cast as the lead for this yet another series about cute girls biking (Hi Naobou and Long Riders!. I was about to crack yet another reference to Bakuon! that nobody will get).

I was thinking if this is the CGDCT equivalent of Yowamushi Pedal, but nah, that ain’t gonna happen, yes? Yes? I’m not really sure.

Schoolgirl Strikers Animation Channel

SGS in a nutshell, I guess? On the other hand, I’m game for this.

Nyanko Days

I’m expected to watch the first episode of this series, which might be a slice-of-life Nekopara replaced by a girl as a lead.

Idol Jihen

The Japanese Diet (their version of our Congress) is composed of idols in this series. The Diet was being run by monkeys and I guess that’s why idols took over to give the Japanese their will to live. I’m expected to give my political affiliation for that series soon enough.

Gabriel DropOut

Hi Yohane, you’ve got a fella. She’s playing vidya games though. Animated by Doga Kobo, so it’s another obligatory watch.

Kemono Friends

Cute girl got lost in a magical zoo, and makes friends with moefied animals there.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Also an obligatory inclusion to my watch list as it’s animated by Kyoto Animation, and it stars a CUTE DRAGON MAID. CUTE. DRAGON. MAID. (Also, Mutsumi Tamura YAASSS)

KonoSuba 2

More EXPLOOOOOOSION!, brought to you by Megumin. I’m looking forward for more jokes here.

Kuzu no Honkai

I’m hearing a few raves over this series, so I might try the first episode.

BanG Dream!

Ohhh yeeeeaaaaah, here comes a new franchise that aims to level things up a notch. If you’ve seen the Final Love Live! where the cast really resembles the characters, how about we put emphasis on the cast playing as a band?

Also, we will see Dookie here playing the drums — a total plus factor.

Aside from the series mentioned above, I’m currently watching the Koro-Q special, and I’ve just the watched Fate/Grand Order -First Order- special as well.

I’m ecstatic over Ordinal Scale too, and I hope to see you at the movies! Speaking of, I made an event page to help you meet fellow fans (I expect all of you to not act like dicks there and go do your hanap-bebe there though; let’s make things civil).

Let’s enjoy yet another anime season, and I hope to see you next week, as always, as we start our event visit with the Manila Hobbies and Collectibles Convention at the Megatrade Hall.