Help Lora Defeat Cancer

Guys, you might have seen Lora before when cosplay events are still alive. She’s one of the hosts for some events, and in most occasions, I’ve talked to her.

Actually, I’ve talked to her a lot. We even had her as a guest for the Animazing Show’s second season:

Just this week we found out that Lora’s in coma at the ICU as she battles cancer. Lora said it herself before: She is at her lowest point, so as her fellow in this community, we are here to help.

Aside from battling cancer in this pandemic, she’s also catching up on hospital costs. She needs all the support to pass through this obstacle.

I’m aware that there are around two to three support campaigns for her. One of my friends in Baguio have set up a GoGetFunding campaign for her too.

Please allow us to knock to your good hearts and support Lora as she battles cancer. Thank you very much.

Two years ago, this writer (right) co-hosted Otaku Musika Festival with Lora (left). Photo: Louise Manzano

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