Having a thorough haircut in the New Normal 2020

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Having a haircut in the New Normal

After three months, finally, I got a haircut.

As barbershops are allowed to operate again during the general community quarantine (GCQ) period, my two-inch hair will finally be cut.

The frustration of resting and feeling your hair at your nape, as well as that humid feeling in your head, finally comes to a halt.

It was quite costly though, as I can’t just pick a preferred barber to go to – there’s only two in my area at the moment, and I don’t want to walk further.

Enter Joe’s in Kapitolyo, which has opened last Sunday.

How Barbershops will operate in the New Normal

This barbershop just beside Max’s Restaurant has to go through a lot of preparations to get back to business again.

There’s a step-press hand sanitizer for the hands and sanitizing mat for our footwear, their preferred payment is GCash, they got sets of disposable hair capes, body massage services are still not available, and they are operating at limited capacity.

Having a haircut in the New Normal

They usually charge 200 pesos for a haircut and 90 pesos for a shave, but since we’re already in the new normal, an additional cost of 30 pesos per customer has been added to make up for the cost of sanitizing equipment, which is fair enough to me.

As a cheapskate, I find 200 pesos expensive, but do I have a choice? I’d just make the most of it and ask for a semi-bald haircut, so I can make it grow after two to three months. No more humid feeling, and no more long hair reaching the nape.

Having a haircut in the New Normal

You know what? It’s worth it. It’s a barber shop through and through – after the haircut, there’s the barber’s massage, a barbershop staple if I say so myself.

I asked the barber if their customer base has decreased after operating again for the past few days, and he told me that the customers are still there, and they are having their long hair cut.

Now that I look good and feel great, it’s back to home for me. Do note that in our place, one person has died from COVID-19 and 26 cases has been confirmed so far.

Please don’t loiter and stay at home for the sake of our frontliners and skeletal workforce who are doing their best every day in this new normal.

Having a haircut in the New Normal

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