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Hanging out with the ones at the Hecklers’ Row

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I rested my camera over the ropes, and just when the timer counts to zero, the camera fell down, resulting in what might be a piece of art. Then again, art is subjective.

The first event of the Philippine Wrestling Revolution that I’ve attended was last year at the iAcademy Auditorium, and it was a blast. I kept telling myself to go to another PWR event, but this month was the only time I did it again.

The venue for January’s PWR event “Bagong Yugto” (lit. “New Chapter”) was at the Venue 142 in Quezon City last January 29, just three fast rides away from home. This is by far the nearest PWR venue I’ve been to, and I don’t actually want to pass the Ortigas traffic just to go to the Bayanihan Center in Mandaluyong, so this was a great chance.

From “hazy” to “a renewed sense of direction”. The PWR had a few obstacles before this event, in which they will make a “new chapter” for the franchise. Yes, the pictures are both blurry, but if you want to get a clearer view of things, check out their upcoming event in person, truth be told.

The first thing I want to do at a PWR event is to look for the Hecklers’ Row. Yes, that Hecklers’ Row, where a few friends and people I knew gather to heckle at the matches, making it more funny and exciting.

Well, some did went below the belt (like me), but after observing them at the end of the event, I feel that I need to be a responsible heckler — the end of the day, this is wrestling as a form of entertainment, and you can believe that nothing is too personal.

The best match I’ve seen so far is between the YOLO Twins and the Fighters 4 Hire, while the main event between John Sebastian and Jake de Leon is a hassle as it didn’t end the way we expect.

I got to shake hands with the wrestlers themselves — some of which I heckled badly — and thanked them for an awesome evening. Their next event is on February 25 at the Bayanihan Center, and I hope to be there.