Greenhills, San Juan City

It’s great to see Greenhills again.

It’s been a long time since I went to Greenhills — the last time I went to San Juan doesn’t even count — and it was a good opportunity to revisit the complex after I attended a Rotary Club design seminar at Club Filipino. (Note: I was the delegate for the RC Mutya ng Pasig, District 3800)

Club Filipino

Speaking of Club Filipino, I only knew it as the place where President Corazon Aquino took oath as the first female president of the Philippines, but it feels similar to the Makati (Sports) Club in which I’ve visited for my work.

Greenhills Shopping Center

Hours before nighttime, I took pleasure in taking photos of Greenhills, starting with the Promenade all the way down to Shoppesville, Theater Mall, VMall and eventually the cellphone/laptop repair shop row.

I was able to get the June 2016 issue of Otaku USA (the second one I have, at Php180), and I was able to check out Fully Booked’s store there. As usual, they have their own manga section, but I don’t expect copies of Testament of Sister New Devil there (more so that I dropped it due to too much innuendo).

I only found out about their Cinemas 6, 7 and 8 now, including the hallway going there — you’ll pass by a lane where different theater projection machinery and famous movie quotes are scattered on one side.

Shoppesville has toy store rows in parts of it, and most of them do participate in events like ToyCon. There’s this one part called Shoppesville Plus, and it’s got a lot of stores that sell figures and the like.

I then went to VMall (then called “Greenhills Virra Mall”, and was once an iconic part of Greenhills due to its architecture) to relax and seek for a good quality mic (too bad I did it during the closing time).

I had a productive day, and I hope I can bring that productivity in the office by Monday.