Graduation: Desk Diary – June 28, 2021

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Whew, it’s been long since I wrote a desk diary. I’m still coping with the work stress I had, and we’re eventually at the end of the tunnel.

Last month went really bad for me, but this month felt worse. I don’t know – I just went back to calm and suddenly there’s three major graduations.

You must have seen us talk about Kiryu Coco’s Graduation coming up in a few days (and I’ll probably join the rest of the fans in some Discord server as we burn the night away.

I also heard of Suzuhara Lulu’s Graduation which will happen a day before Coco’s.

Let’s not forget that former president Noynoy Aquino also passed away this month, and since he asked people to say anything once he passes, stories from behind the scenes are now popping up. At the end of the day, not anyone will know your story.

On a positive note, we saw Lyrica one year before she went full seiso.

As always, expect me to bring more podcasts (and most likely I’ll shift to podcast production more, so is this a goodby for keepsakes. the blog? Most likely.)

I am almost reaching 100 episodes, and I’m set to bring more conversations as the numbers come close.

One more thing: Coco’s Fansa Cover.

Now let’s cry. ?

(Banner photo from Pexels)

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