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Fantastic Spring 2020 Anime Picks (and where you can watch them)

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Amid the crisis we are into, there are series that have started airing this Spring season in Japan – as they are ready to keep us distracted, I’m much ready to share my picks.

Being the seiyuu-inclined, my thoughts will be mostly about the voices behind the characters.

Lastly, you can watch these series legally through the official videos/links included in this post, which can either go to Muse Asia of Singapore- and Taiwan-based Muse Communications, or Ani-One of Hong Kong’s MediaLink.

Shin Sakura Wars the Animation

This is the first time I’m gonna watch a Sakura Wars series. All that I know of Sakura Wars is Teikoku Kagekidan (thanks Barangay SK) and its unique character designs.

This series has an all-star cast: Ayane Sakura, Maaya Uchida, Saori Hayami, Ayaka Fukuhara, and Hibiku Yamamura topbill the series, which is the anime version of the Shin Sakura Wars game which was released last year.

It’s been a long time coming for Ayaneru – I first heard her as Akane Isshiki of Vividred Operation (shoutout to Luthfi form Indonesia, whom I know is a die-hard Akane Isshiki fanatic), then Is the Order a Rabbit together with Mayayan and Hayami.

I’m happy that the versatile Ayaneru got the role.


Mikako Komatsu topbills the adaptation of Kei Ohkubo’s seinen manga about a lady who has made up her mind and pursues a life of artistry. I recommend this for those who doesn’t want too much cute as well as those who are confused with their lives (like me).

I am quite familiar with Komatsu through her roles on My Teenage Romantic Comedy SNAFU, as well as Nisekoi, and I see her voice doing will well with the lead character, so we’re all good with this series.

Besides, I see ARTE as a feel-good show.

Shachibato!: President, It’s time for Battle!

If anything, I’d like to act as a bulalord by asking this: “I came for the adventure, and then you will give me some business protocol?” This series is, well, ok for me – it’s amusing enough for me to keep it in the list.

I’m happy to see more of Kana Ichinose getting roles that is far from her Ichigo character voice. It’s only now that I found out that she’s also Tuesday, which is neat.

Gal & Dinosaur

This is a short anime, but I’d love focusing on the dinosaur’s face. Every time.

Considering that this series reunites the Pop Team Epic crew, I can see why this has that feeling in it.

I learned about Miyuri Shimabukuro first through her angsty role in Hanebado!, a series that I stopped watching so hard because the characters are that angsty.

Then she has her polar opposite through Yuuna – and upon a quick glance, she was actually cast as Ernesta from Granbelm? Wow.

If my ears are serving me right, I can feel her gyaru voice here.

Diary of Our Days at the Breakwater

Cute girls go fishing. I’ve enjoyed the first episode – now this is MY healing slice-of-life anime. The first episode shows us how fishing is done and how people can be motivated into fishing (by all means, wink wonk).

I’d recommend this for everyone who needs to chill. I’m serious.

Kanon Takao may be a new name in the industry, but if you look closely at the roles she has, you can see that she’s fit for certain roles.