Existence: Desk Diary – February 13, 2021

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It’s been 5 years since I joined the events industry. At first, I was not sure if I can survive being on the other side of the coin. The last time I had been involved with an event is when I’m active as part of the local otaku media.

I’ve already closed a chapter in my life, and move on to the next… and then some.

Over the last five years, I’ve seen how things changed – like that one corner near our office. It was once a warehouse. It was demolished, and turned into two condo towers.

Some of you have seen my adventures in the events industry in the past five years – from going on the field up to working at home. Truth be told, I am glad I made my decision to move on and move forward. I could have worked in the media industry, but I chose to pursue a career in events.

By making that decision, I understand the feelings of some of my friends who are in the same industry. Nowadays, I get happy if one of my new friends or acquaintances found his/her way into the industry.

I was supposed to file this diary entry yesterday, but I was not ready when I learned that Kiryu Coco cried on stream so bad. I’m definitely not ok with anyone crying on stream for all the wrong reasons.

Our battle scars with Hololive were supposed to heal, but this one is a malignant tumor.

I could be much more speculative about this, but as far as I learn, it’s all about these big mistakes. Imagine writing the noisy in the blackboard, passing it to the teacher, and then you realized that the noisy ones were given merits. That would make me flip my switch. That’s how I see Coco’s situation right now.

Despite the things that have happened, people with a lot of time and a penchant for too much defensive attacks continue to hound Coco. This, even if Hololive has left China. While there are better people in China, it’s just that the ones we see who does not mind their manners and let loose all the time that’s damaging the reputation of the better ones.

Now, Coco is taking it to herself to undo the situation. I believe this is for the best – Coco knows best about her channel, obviously.

Even with all of these things in mind, she reminds people to love every one another. We are lured to hate. We take the bait, then we make fools of ourselves. Then we realized that this is not the way. We are smart enough to know that there’re better people that we should look upon.

In this case, knowing that this hate is becoming beyond our control, we’re doing our part to kick against the hate, supporting Kiryu Coco and proving that she’s a hardworking dragon, and Coco knows. She knows – and she is sharing all the love in the world.

I joined the Facebook bandwagon and asked my friends if they appreciate my existence there. Forty of them said yes.

I rarely share stuff on my personal Facebook – heck, I just look at my news feed, messenger, reply to some, get back to the news feed, etc. Then share memes on the page.

Thank you for appreciating my existence even if I rarely talk, that means a lot.

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