Domo, Arigathanks.: Desk Diary – January 16, 2021

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Apparently this is my first Desk Diary of the year. I dedicate this post to one person who keeps doing what he does best: Being bullied by Interviewing VTubers.

They call him Kevin, most got used to calling him Domo though. This guy helped elevate the best Virtual YouTubers outside of major agencies through his interviews.

When he starts streaming, I was ready to clip segments as much as I can.

In most of his VTuber interviews, he whips up some wild stuff.

Brilliant. Very brilliant. To whip up something like these, you need to brief the one you’re talking to. These are great ways to cap off the stream, albeit planned.

We never saw his face until perhaps the end of 2020. Yet, he has set a trend that we will follow.

Look, his trailer style can be replicated too. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

We had concerns over him using Matsuri’s horny face as his avatar, something that the certified Matsuri translator Lyger called him out for. I’m very happy to see that Domo respects the concern, and now we see his dog in the avatar – it’s cute, definitely cute.

Domo had been interviewing VTubers so much that I want to follow his footsteps – still, nobody can match the respect the VTuber community has for this good guy.

I just had my first VTuber interview this year. I tried to imagine what he felt as he did his first VTuber interview, and how he kept the momentum.

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