Diving & Resort Travel Expo 2016

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Yours truly and Mikki from young blue spring both like Amanchu! and are considering it as the feel good, slice-of-life anime series this season. I believe some of you are also watching the show as well (please do if you haven’t).

If you were so inspired to try diving that you are placing it on your bucket list, you should’ve seen the Diving Resort Travel Expo recently-held at the SM Megatrade Hall over the weekend.

Supported by the Philippine Department of Tourism (DOT), the DRT Show as they call it gathers all people interested in diving, though it also tackles traveling as well. This is part of an international series of expos set to spread across East and South Asia.

There are 26 guests from different parts of the world who has shared their ideas, concepts and insights at the DRT Show — they have two stages and one seminar area at the floor, and are well-attended by visitors.

At the DOT booth, actor and host Luis Manzano is being interviewed about his interest in diving.

There’s a dedicated space for underwater photos — lots of them. There’s even a seminar on how to do underwater photography, and I’ll share some of the things that I learned from it:

  1. There’s a way how to use the strobe (say, the flashlight) in taking underwater photos
  2. There’s a proper distance between the subject and the camera (around 4 inches)
  3. There’s a proper way to take photos at eye level (by tilting yourself downwards)

Photos taken by Edison So [left] and Felix Goh [right] are shown in the photo gallery. Visitors can also vote for their favorite.

That’s as far as I have seen through the two-hour-or-so trip at the Megatrade, and it was worth it. Their admission fee is supposed to be Php200, but it is discounted to Php50 once you fill up a registration form.

Again, if you are serious in placing the word “diving” into your bucket list, you should try visiting expos like this.