DigiKomi is a different beast

You’ve seen me visit virtual Japan, virtual USA and virtual Indonesia – now I’m going to share my experiences in virtual Germany, where DigiKomi, the online edition of the annual Dokomi convention is.

Aside from Discord and Twitch, DigiKomi has its own virtual platform provided by MixUp. Imagine this: You are a rounded square. All of you inside the virtual convention floor are rounded squares. If the camera’s on, we can see you. This is a perfect opportunity for VTubers to introduce themselves.

Heck, this con, I believe, is made for VTubers.

Difference between DigiKomi and other virtual events

At DigiKomi’s MixUp, you have the option to open your camera and mic to join discussion floors in select booths. For example, I spent the most of the con sitting at one of the roundtables in the Hololive and VShojo booths. I get to meet KFP slaves volunteers employees who joined in for their boss Kiara Takanashi, who is one of the guests.

The employees are so wild upon Kiara’s invitation to join her at the virtual space, it crashed the server.

At DigiKomi, I was able to listen to VTubers based in Germany, including a goblin, and a programmer who serves small businesses. The conversations I had are interesting. Aside from this, I virtually met Denchi from DenchiSoft (VTube Studio) and Iron Vertex. Denchi is among the personalities I recommend to you if you want to know more about VTubers.

Unlike in Discord where you are in a voice chat, the virtual space MixUp made for DigiKomi is a much more awesome feat. While there are technical issues, either browser crashes or server limits, I’d still believe that we are getting closer to a physical-like virtual atmosphere. I get to talk to VTubers, people!


To conclude, visiting DigiKomi and meeting fellow fans hits close to home. I miss going outside to visit events, meeting people and taking photos. Provided that MixUp will address the issues they had with their platform, I’m pretty sure that this will help merge virtual and physical words – at least, in a browser.

Congratulations to the Dokomi Team for a successful DigiKomi. Looking forward to more of these soon.

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