Cubizone Community Blowout

Everyone gathers for that one special class photo. [Photo handout from Cubizone]

Community and Media event held as part of 10th Anniversary festivities

(Left) Personalities from various communities gather as Cubizone celebrates its 10th year in the business. [Photo handout from Cubizone] (Right) Cubizone’s letter to the guests.

Cubizone gathered its community and media friends on the last Friday of May 2019 at Marco Polo Ortigas Manila for its Community Blowout as part of its 10th year Anniversary.

First on the line is the launch of Triple Chain, which had its beta testing last April. According to Cubizone, the Alpha Test has recently been concluded and it will be launching soon in the same year.

The game will have a variety of characters (24 in the promo video) and “chain skills,” as well as PvP challenges, and character evolution. The game will be available on Google Play soon. [Further reading: MIA Online Mobile to add Cross-server feature]

I’ve talked about MIA Online Mobile before, and it looks like we got more updates on that end. Their press release states:

For MIA online, this includes current development plans to launch in different regions such as Turkey, Russia and more, an upcoming cross-server for regional battles, new game content called the “Raya Patch” Update and other Level 90 Updates. Further, MIA Online will also be launching a cover contest of the OST “Empire” titled “MIA ONLINE IDOL: Empire Cover Competition” mechanics to be announced soon.

They also prepared a presentation showing how Cubizone has evolved over the decade that has passed.

My presence was really felt during that night. (Left) Photo from / (Right) Photo handout from Cubizone

Setting these aside, the main highlight of the event are the games as well as the prizes in the raffle. Some got t-shirts, power banks, and headphones; I got home with a keyboard and mouse set in tow.

Of course, it’s not a fun day if this loudmouth of a guy don’t scream at the top of his lungs — the bingo blackout game was intense. My card was just four numbers away from being completed when someone called bingo and won for himself a good prize.

Also don’t forget that “The Price is Right” game where I’m in a team of a hardware guys and probably Lazada/Shopee shoppers who know what they’re doing.

The rest of the night was then spent on viewing the top deck of the hotel. the city skyline’s good. You can see Libis from that end (and along with it is the big-ass sign of a major hardware store).

Cubizone is on Facebook: They can also be seen on

As I write this piece, I remember Klager who was also invited there. Been a long time since we met.

Also, I didn’t realize that Arkadymac got Ai Chi in the gathering — just realized after the event that she’s that one who did a certain Pokemon cosplay in 2016. I was mind blown because I even read her post on how she made that up in a single day, from curating the fabric all the way to sewing it. There’s a reason why I have to constantly see the same people in order to remember them.

Did I mention that I finished managing the technical matters for a seminar in Makati before I Angkas all the way to Ortigas for this?