COVID-19 Community Quarantine Diary (Live Blog)

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We currently live in trying times. COVID-19 has hit the Philippines, and our government is doing measures to keep everyone safe from this virtually-invisible disease that picks no one.

I’ve set up this diary / live blog to:

  • Give info about otaku events whether they will push through or postpone, as well as
  • Share updates from my end here in the West end of Pasig (sometimes)

This is in light of the COVID-19 outbreak that has been labeled as a pandemic by the World Health Organization.

What can we do during the COVID-19 community quarantine period in the Philippines?

For now, let’s follow the recommended guidelines to avoid the disease as well as to avoid stress during the Community Quarantine (March 15 to April 14, 2020):

In addition, please keep updated on news regarding COVID-19 on social media:

Lastly, (I’m not sure if this is helpful at this moment but) let’s help ourselves by controlling our panic tendencies as much as possible. Keep praying, keep hoping, maintain a positive outlook. This too shall pass.

After 78 days from the start of the Community Quarantine, I’ve decided to finish live-blogging on this page and move forward to other matters such as video and podcast content creation. I’ll blog occasionally, but I’ll try committing to a twice-a-month schedule, just like the podcast.

(Kindly wait for the Archive to pop up after a few seconds.)

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Jay Agonoy

The Next Normal – May 31, 2020 (Day 78)

  • Today has been productive – I did my laundry, mopped the floor, prepared my favorite egg drop soup, and I got back to editing videos after so long. Finally, more content to come!
  • The Cebu Hobby Events Organizers' Roundtable has finished successfully – 2 hours, 43 minutes of pure discussion on Next Normal concepts for event organizers. I'm proud of what we had, and I'm thankful for all those who said yes to this concept.
  • I met with mom again after so long, and she brought me a bowl of salad that I need to finish as I don't want to bother with the ref in my place. We had some photo moments, as she would love to take photos of herself in places, and we had that recap of what her neighbor has been doing against her (which I really plea that the neighbors stop it because it's beyond annoying).
  • I'm listening to what happens to be the final ANNcast – a tribute to the late Zach Bertschy. It's a time for reflection and celebration of his life and his works. I have to finish that episode.
  • Lastly, thank you to those who are patient enough to read a diary as long as this – we've reached the longest lockdown so far, far beyond others – and we've been through a lot. I told my mom, “it's still quarantine, the virus is still there,” and since we are already in the “Next Normal,” we'll go back on our way and see where things will go from now on. I hope to compile everything I wrote into an e-book one day.
Jay Agonoy

Clean Slate – May 30, 2020 (Day 77)

  • I've done the technical rehearsal for Sunday's Live, as well as operated two live streams despite the bad connection I'm receiving.
  • I also took my time rearranging my table setup, which worked wonders when I tried Instagram Live for the first time. This comes after another cosplay issue broke out – turns out that familiar names have been dragged in the said brouhaha.
  • I'm planning to finish live blogging by the end of this month – the last entry will be tomorrow after I finished doing the Live stream. We're already leaping into the Next Normal. Things will not be the same again.
Jay Agonoy

General Community Quarantine – May 29, 2020 (Day 76)

  • We've come to that point where we will be placed under a General Community Quarantine come June 1. I'd still feel staying within the barangay.
  • Today's been hectic as well – I recorded a long Zoom meeting, and I prepared the rest of the materials for the following day. Yep, we still have to do something by Saturday.
  • I really felt listless today, so, I'll take my time and watch some anime – I'm currently digging “Wave, Listen to Me!” because of its comedic timing.
Jay Agonoy

What am I doing? – May 28, 2020 (Day 75)

  • Sometimes you just live for the sake of living, and sometimes you live to make a living. Most of the time you live to do something, and in rare cases, you still live to pursue your passion. Our state of mind has been like a sea, and in some instances it gets stormy with every disturbance. Sometimes you ask yourself what you are doing, sometimes your boss asks it. Note to self: It's normal, don't get hung up on that too much.
  • I can't wait for a barber shop to open, so what I did is I trimmed my excess hair that's quite annoying me. I'm really itching to see a barber – my hair has grown so long that it will fit my whole fingers soon – and it's not good.
  • I'm almost completing my spiel for Sunday's Live, and it's going quite well. I just need to prepare the rest of the materials while there's some lull time.
Jay Agonoy

Learning Something New? – May 27, 2020 (Day 74)

  • If your job is putting you to things and situations that you don't know, yet part those tasks are part of the scope, it must be an interesting job. Don't stop learning something new even if it puts you to situations that you might not take well (except for life-and-death situations, that's something else.
  • I've released the poster for the upcoming activity that we will do on Sunday, and I did it gradually through a live stream (for those who watched, thanks!)
  • Tonight I learned that there's other Marble Run channels on YouTube such as Fubeca's, but I'll still keep on watching Jelle's.