COVID-19 Community Quarantine Diary (Live Blog)

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We currently live in trying times. COVID-19 has hit the Philippines, and our government is doing measures to keep everyone safe from this virtually-invisible disease that picks no one.

I’ve set up this diary / live blog to:

  • Give info about otaku events whether they will push through or postpone, as well as
  • Share updates from my end here in the West end of Pasig (sometimes)

This is in light of the COVID-19 outbreak that has been labeled as a pandemic by the World Health Organization.

What can we do during the COVID-19 community quarantine period in the Philippines?

For now, let’s follow the recommended guidelines to avoid the disease as well as to avoid stress during the Community Quarantine (March 15 to April 14, 2020):

In addition, please keep updated on news regarding COVID-19 on social media:

Lastly, (I’m not sure if this is helpful at this moment but) let’s help ourselves by controlling our panic tendencies as much as possible. Keep praying, keep hoping, maintain a positive outlook. This too shall pass.

After 78 days from the start of the Community Quarantine, I’ve decided to finish live-blogging on this page and move forward to other matters such as video and podcast content creation. I’ll blog occasionally, but I’ll try committing to a twice-a-month schedule, just like the podcast.

(Kindly wait for the Archive to pop up after a few seconds.)

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