What happens to be a simple cosplay gathering became a mini-convention real quick

Cosplay Photoshoot @ Terra 28th — November 20, 2016

It’s Sunday. I was supposed to lay rest by this time, but I’m too stressed out to relax, so I wind off and went to Terra 28th at the Bonifacio Global City — it went on to be a good decision.

The Yokatta Otaku United group organizes seasonal cosplay gatherings at the park, and what you are about to see is a recap of their 5th gathering. The admins of the group also cosplayed. Aside from YOU, I saw other groups doing their own photoshoots, which contributed to the crowd inside. To give you a perspective, I estimate that we occupied 1/8 the size of the park if compressed — but since this is a photoshoot, we used the park to its potential and covered its nook and cranny.

Prior to this, it was forecast that the area might experience rains in the afternoon, which did happen while the sun is up. (We have this kind of superstition where it is believed a tikbalang is being married when it’s sunny and it rained at the same time, which I shrug off.) Fortunately it passed out after a few minutes, and we are able to continue our Sunday photo-marathon.

Everyone has gathered starting at as early as 8:00am, but the event started after lunch. Looking at the participants, some guys cross-dressed while the girls took it casually.

This is a behind-the-scenes photo of their concept based on Crows Zero. Looking forward to the finished output soon.

Thanks to YOU for having this gathering at the BGC, and to the cosplayers whom I got snapshots. Let me know if I missed a photo by sending me a message on Facebook.

I’ll be on a long silence after I post my latest YouTube video (I have a teaser here), as I will be on the field (not to mention I’ll be in Cebu by the start of December), and the next time I’ll share photos is during the cosplay events week at the SM Megatrade Hall from the 26th until the 30th. Hope to see you soon!