Cosplay Matsuri 2017

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Completing this year’s #CosplayWeek is a visit to SMX for one last time this year

I finally got to see the last day of Cosplay Matsuri 2017 at the SMX Manila, the last event of the year.

As with the Ozine AFS, this has most of the offerings it shared last year, but the difference is that (1) the upcoming Jumanji movie supports the event, (2) the dates for the Cosplay Mania event series have been announced — including the date for CosMania’s 10th year, which will be held at the ground floor halls of the SMX Manila for the first time, and (3) Naru is one of the hosts.

Since they have a Charm Wall, I decided to take photos of the crowd’s wishes ( as well as some wacky ones):

I’ve got nothing much to say at this point, so we will now get to the cosplayers:

Happy New Year, everyone! May 2018 be filled with great experiences and worthy keepsakes.