Content Break / VTuber Recap: Desk Diary – October 25, 2020

I think this is not the second time I will tell every single one of you that I’ve been operating Zoom webinars for the past three weeks, and I still hate its flaws. Nevertheless, I hope to reach Zoom Nirvana soon.

That’s just one thing that have happened during my content break. Here’s the rest:

I’ve digested what’s happening in the fast-paced Virtual YouTuber scene. Here’s what I understood:

  • It seems to me that Hololive production finally decided that they wanted to have be happy again – this comes after a lot of negative stuff and bad press plagued them for the past few weeks.
  • Meanwhile, Nijisanji is now experiencing its bad moment with its termination of Kingyozaka Meiro. If I understood it correctly, it all started with an issue with accent, like how you pronounce words. It gets complicated as you continue to go deeper, to which I say this: We’re supposed to be here to be entertained, so let’s get this out of the window. Enjoy the show.
  • This is also the first time I got knowledge of a sort-of Virtual Keemstar. He actually exists in the form of Narukami Sabaki, whose goal is to expose the bad side of the industry to everyone’s attention. This is his words, as translated by the Virtual YouTubers Wiki: “to remake the world of Vtubers, which is lawless, unscrupulous, corrupt and wicked.” Prior to this, we already have the trap prince of VTuber talk, Inuyama Tamaki, so yeah, we get to see other influential personalities working in the sidelines as well.

To cap off this post, noticed that keepsakes. has been upgraded to Version 3.1 with a slightly new theme. As soon as I get back to producing content, I’m looking forward to put more in this website. See you soon!

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