Chef Boy Logro’s 7flavors Buffet, in two tweets

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Here we go, scrambling to finish the backlogs for this year — and for today, you should see two #eatsakes posts (one is this).

One day, Rence Chan (who also writes for invited me personally to join him and fellow bloggers to a food trip in San Juan. The destination is Chef Boy Logro’s 7flavors Buffet, located at A. Mabini St., near Wilson St. The challenge in getting here lies in its location, but it’s easy to get there via Grab, Uber or even taxis (whichever you choose).

I was a tad late in the occasion, and that time there’s a lot of year-end parties happening inside, implying how festive the month of December is (especially it’s the holiday season). Now, I present to you my recommendations:

I’d like to add a point about that sauteed Fried Tofu: Its deliciousness lies in its sauce, which really brings the best in the simple tofu. This made me crave to try mapo tofu and compare which is better. This also goes with the potato wedges — it’s not spicy, but also not bland. I took seconds for this.

YES, THEY HAVE TACOS in the buffet, and it was my first time to try my own mix. Their meat filling just flows in the mouth, complementing the crunchiness of the taco shell. As long as the shell is crunchy and the meat filling is delicious, nothing can go wrong.

Lastly, there’s the halo-halo part of the buffet. I am happy that I can even have my own mix of halo-halo in the buffet.

On a side note: I was supposed to do a vlog for this but then my memory got corrupted so much that I was only able to recover files from one month before, which is a hassle. Really sorry, guys; but I think it’s fate’s way to say “You have to visit 7flavors to know what Jay is saying.”

One thing I like about buffets is the fact that you can take a piece of every dish and still have a good time, compared to being served a set meal and thinking if you’re satisfied. 7flavors offers a mix of different culinary styles, and with the addition of tacos and halo-halo, it should being you a feel-good experience. 7flavors is available for casual dining, or for group occasions; and is open until 10pm. You should see this on Zomato listings as my fellow bloggers reviewed this there.