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Naruto Slugfest now available on Google Play and App Store

With 4 game classes (the melee Earth Keeper, the range-type Blazing Lotus, the medium-range Thunder Assassin, and the long-range Wind Shooter) ranked missions, solo quests and clan battles which allows a 20-v-20 fight, a leveled-up friendship system and a living system which gives you the true feel of the shinobi journey, you can start your very own Ninja story with Naruto Slugfest.

Mobile game Naruto Slugfest introduced in the Philippines

Described as an open-world MMORPG, Naruto Slugfest is the mobile game adaptation of Naruto Shippuden, with 4 player classes to choose from. From what I understood, the game will also have solo quests, group and guild confrontations. Aside from this, the game has its own day & night and weather settings to complement the nostalgic Naruto look and feel.

Murasaki7 mobile game coming very soon on Google Play

Murasaki7 has five game modes: PVP, Blitz Raid (boss raids), Friendship Quest (party quests), Daily Missions and Story Mode. Also, the game will have an additional four themed outfits (idol, kimono, school uniform, summer bikini) that you can collect.