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My Best VTuber Experiences in 2020

“Unlike in local idols, I kept watching #VTubers despite all of the bad stuff they had. I’m confident to say that I can accept this community even at its worst.”

Remembering Restaurant 9501

One of the memories I had with its broadcast complex, the ELJ Communication Center, is Restaurant 9501, the company’s corporate dining facility at 14th floor.

Sign Language is NOT Tiktok (An interview)

“For the hearing people, it’s very sad to see what happened with regards to the Tiktok incident, but then again, I’m hoping that they would be more respectful towards us Deaf people, towards our community, our language, and our culture; “

Murasaki7 Mobile Puzzle RPG Game Review

“Since the game is still in the early stage of its life cycle, it’s hard to tell whether Murasaki 7 will become popular or fall into obscurity. Despite the problems that the game has at the moment, it certainly is an enjoyable and challenging puzzle RPG that people can play as a time-sinker.”

Year 2019 Recap

“Overall, the year 2019 has been awesome – already looking forward to what this year will bring to us!”

What can we do with Bootleg Fan Art?

  • Guides

What can fan artists do when their art is bootlegged? What can merchants do if they get called out for selling what is actually bootleg stuff?