Bonifacio Global City, Taguig — 9 January 2016

I was lucky enough to get a snapshot of the BGC’s biggest art installations. Take note that this was taken sideways.

I went to the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig to check out the surroundings and take part in a cosplay photoshoot. Actually, I wasn’t supposed to talk about cosplay here, but I have posted some cosplay photos last year; so why not do it again?

Prior to entering the BGC, I got to see Buting in Makati City. Most of you know that the BGC is in the border of Makati and Taguig. (Both cities were fighting for its possession in 2013 because of tax revenue — but this issue has settled down)

…then there’s Market! Market! of Ayala Malls. This shot of the fountain was close enough, but there’s something in the middle circle in which I can’t describe.

Beside Market! Market! is SM Aura Premier, where LiSA’s first concert was held inside its Samsung Hall. I spoke of the concert this way:

The best moment that I had was during the part where she performs “エレクトリリカル” (Electrolyrical). To illustrate this, I am sharing a video of a wota doing the moves patterned after the said song. Moreover, I am so hooked with that specific move that she taught us that it is ingrained in my mind and I want my fellows to do the same. Hidari, migi, pi-yon~, pi-yon~, and something like that.

Here’s more:

Kirby [Agudelo, of Pinoy Jmusic Media] also said that LiSA knows how to hype the audience, which made me realize how idols do their work — they are performing tracks that will spark the interest of their fans, and in return the fans give them the best cheers that they can do. The more I think of it, the more I remember my position at the balcony — it’s far from the stage (How can give our idol the feedback she will appreciate?), and I read that some people refer to it as an area for plebeians (Which is not fair at all since I know those guys beside me supported her first visit to this very country and some of them even have lightsticks).

For all those doubts, I remember the fact that she tried to reach us by asking this: “Second floor?” I tried my best to respond from atop.It also helps that I borrowed binoculars to see the stage closer even if I was looking at a hole — and boy, I wasn’t wrong. I can see her smile, and I did not felt alone as I juggle writing, viewing and responding to the moves and shakes of the cute pop-rock songstress that is Risa Oribe herself.

I’m not sure if I should also place this here, but I am confident that sharing these bits is enough to rekindle a few good memories of mine.

Since the BGC is becoming one of the metro’s business districts — plus the fact that the place has been developed to be a “home for passionate minds,” no wonder why I want to go back here because of the architecture and the landscapes that this place has.

Beside Terra 28th is one of the many buildings that will be constructed in the High Street’s South Block.
Taken at Terra 28th’s fixtures.
Taken at Track 30th.

There are open spaces in the BGC — two of them are Terra 28th and Track 30th, both of which I have visited. Both places are beside the Bonifacio High Street. Terra 28th is where the photo shoot will happen.

I arrived at the BGC at around 9:30am — and I was perhaps the first person present in the activity, which also serves as a birthday party for the organizer. It’s past ten, eleven in the morning; twelve in the afternoon, and others gradually enter the meeting venue at the nearby McDonald’s.

While waiting, I was either listening to an audio book or thinking in retrospect.

One of the wishes that I had with Deremoe is to unite people of the same interests who are in their own circles. That wish didn’t happen at all as I realized the hardships of maintaining a community, much like the notable anime-related groups online where you have to have a really strong mind to maintain the community vibe.

I finally understood why people are in their own circles of friends, as I myself am in that of my own. I try to get distant as I observe them as much as possible, but then I was approached by people who know me — they gave me words of advice.

I finally understood why people are in their own circles of friends, as I myself am in that of my own. I try to get distant as I observe them as much as possible, but then I was approached by people who know me — they gave me words of advice.

Back to the photoshoot, here’s Itsuka and Tohka. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen the updates on Date A Live, such as the Mayuri Judgment movie. Maybe I’ll add that to my watch list.

I’m going back to the BGC if I have the chance to do so. The BGC reminds me of those Work-Life-Play places which I might want to spend of my life residing — Eastwood City is another place to reside to (it’s near the earthquake zone though, so I’ll pass).

Here are the rest of the photos that I took.