Bonifacio Global City — 18 June 2016

After composing another experimental track yesterday, I went to Bonifacio Global City to hang out with cosplayers and friends at Terra 28th, the common spot for photoshoots.

Aside from us, there are two other groups of photographers hanging out inside Terra 28th, which is great.

I got an invite from Allineus, whom I met at the same spot months ago. Unlike other photographers who carries with them DSLR cameras, this guy brings in his Apple iPad — and yet, he knows what he’s doing. He’s a multimedia arts graduate, and he’s fluent in Adobe applications, which made me think “I should’ve taken that course if the school I graduated to has one”.

He formally started just last year, and you can see his outputs on Facebook.

One reason why I don’t like coming late to the BGC is that once I stepped in at Terra by, say 5pm, I only have a few hours to take photos with cosplayers — and the rest of the pics that I will take by 6pm won’t be that good.

When Allineus told me there’s a car show at the Bonifacio High Street, we went there. He’s been telling me things about cars — the models, the specs, the things he knew about some of them, so on and so forth.

The “Wheels and Grills” show is a Father’s Day event showcasing cars from different brands. There’s also a showcase for big bikes from Suzuki and Kawasaki (and since I’m watching Bakuon!!, I’ve told the guy a few things about that series).

…and I thought the photos that I will take at night will be bad — turns out I’m wrong, and I’m happy with the decent pics that I took.

To cap off the night, we had a long talk and he shared the things he do with me — aside from being a multimedia artist, he does his own tracks as well. I’m looking forward to a collaboration with him soon.

Here are other photos from the BGC to cap off this post. See you soon.