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Best of Anime 2016

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[Left] Tanya Markova and [Right] cosplayer Yao on stage.

You’ve already heard from us (or simply noticed before) that this is a co-located event of the Manila International Book Fair, that they have gathered a lot of community support, and that the organizers are trying to do their best to make it a great event so on and so forth, so let me tell you a few things that I’ve noticed for this year’s BoA when I went there on its first day:

  1. Fan Fest. This year’s event has an area for meetups of different artist fan groups — including the local fan clubs of BABYMETAL and Amuse, Inc. I didn’t focus on this space as I was at the booth of…
  2. AniZone. Their booth space has doubled, and so as their activities inside the event. I spent most of the day inside BoA in this place.
  3. Bushiroad. Last but not the least, Bushiroad’s in the event. They had a big space where trading card game players attack and defend themselves, and they have another space for merchandise. Local hobby shop Courtside manned the area.

Finally, here are some of the Cosplayers on Day 1. It’s rare to see a Koito Minase cosplayer, and I was lucky to take a photo of one. (Musaigen no Phantom World is on iFlix’s “AniPlus on Demand” section for those who want to watch it.)

As always, there’s Pokemon Go, Rem (and Ram), so on and so forth — but one friend of mine did a Yō Watanabe crossplay. This complements the Umi and Eli crossplays that I took during the early afternoon or so.

There’s a Korean app called Mystic Messenger (which actually goes beyond other mobile games by “calling” you early in the morning, and by this time I can see an incoming trend where cosplayers don its characters. That’s just aside from another trend which is LoveLive! Sunshine!!.

Before we end with this post, I’d like to share this photo of the MoA Eye Ferris Wheel at SM by the Bay, just at the back of the MoA complex. I’ve been taking photos of the wheel via the bridgeway connecting the Mall and SMX, or through the grounds. Maybe I should try that next time.

On another note, if you are not busy next Saturday, September 24, I’d like to invite you (especially your parents) to come to the Pasig City Sports Center (just inside the City Hall complex!) for the Great Roots, Greater Fruits Parenting Summit of the Rotary Club of Mutya ng Pasig starting at 1pm onwards, just in time for my birthday. Your presence will be greatly appreciated.