Best Dream Ever: Desk Diary – April 29, 2021

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I’d like to be blunt: I do not like the client we’re working these days. They’re nitpicky and they change from time to time, to the point that It’s almost pointless to send drafts.

My work is seeping in my life as I practice the work from home routine, and jut last Tuesday I had a bad case of being so furious that it took me an hour to calm down. I do not like revisions a lot, and I don’t know any outlet to speak of this. This current project we’re handling makes me want to break plates, glasses, or if possible, burn bridges.

Sure, not every day is like this, but hear me out, I’ve never had a day where I need to calm down for one hour as I reel from the frustration that this current work is heave as hell. I even had to seek help from friends; I have to, or else I will explode either in front of my boss or worse, the client itself. I never signed up for this, but I need to muster my courage, because we live in sad times where I should be grateful that I still have work – because most of us unfortunately don’t.

I need to let this out. Breathe in. Breathe out. It’s not normal to rant about a client. It’s abnormal to rant about a client as crazy as this one. Don’t do this, ever. You should not probably be able to see this desk diary popping up in search. I take exception to this.

If there’s something amazing that’s happened, it’s before I woke up to see another day of this misery. I was in Indonesia for a vacation, and I’ve met my online friends in-person. Much have been said about my fascination with the country, which I treat as something of a parallel world.

It goes something like this: One night, I got to meet my friends, we ate dinner, and had a group photo afterwards. I presume that we just finished an event back then, and I’ll assume that I carry with me a lot of stories.

This is my best dream ever in the past one year of this pandemic. We are all dreaming that we can do the same thing we grow up doing: Work, then hobby, field work, then attend a local anime/cosplay convention.

Should the pandemic be over and we got a cure for this flu-like disease, I’m very much willing to claim it. this pandemic has changed so many lives, and we all wish we could turn back time. The enemy wins, and we are all perishing.

At the end of the dream, I had to book a ticket going out of Indonesia, but I said to myself, “If I don’t book a flight as soon as possible, I can’t get back to work.” I do not want to get back to work just yet. There’s that one word for this feeling: Bitin. Not enough. I wish I could cherish more of these moments.

Photo by Ke Vin on Unsplash

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