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Battlefield Mobile Philippines Alpha Test Opens

EA’s Battlefield Mobile is coming to the Philippines – and it has opened the door to everyone who want to try the game firsthand!

As an expansion of the Battlefield franchise, this is a different game from the upcoming Battlefield 2042: “The game lets players engage in epic army-scale warfare through iconic Conquest and other fan-favorite modes in an HD console quality build for mobile, all with robust text, chat and high-fidelity sound.”

Battlefield Mobile 1

Fans of mobile first-person shooter games are in for a treat as the mobile game allows them and their friends to use a full lineup of customizable weapons and vehicles for purposeful destruction. This helps players make unique moments.

Battlefield Mobile is a free-to-play game which brings in Battlefield franchise pillars, including:

  • True Battlefield Gameplay: The best gameplay the franchise has to offer with a revamped class system, 32-player games, new and classic game modes including All-Out Warfare, massive maps and advanced squad play
  • Best in Class Vehicles – Featuring advanced articulation, multiple seats and seat swapping agenda of destruction and customizable controls
  • Real-Time Destruction – Bringing the physics of Battlefield to mobile, players will experience the in-game destruction and levolution Battlefield is known for.

Battlefield Mobile also brings new and fan-favorite maps to mobile, including the following classic maps at launch – Damavand Peak, Noshahr Canals Grand Bazaar and Operation Metro.

Players can replay some of the greatest battles in history on remastered maps from past games.

Given that this is another piece of history, the developers are excited:

We are so excited to bring Battlefield Mobile to life!  We’ve been fans of the franchise since Battlefield 1942, and we are thrilled to bring Battlefield’s All-Out Warfare to a whole new audience and generation of fans.

Alex Seropian, Head of Studio, Industrial Toys

Once again, Pre-register now on the Google Play Store for a chance to playtest Battlefield Mobile before anyone else! We’ll see you all on the Battlefield very soon.

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