Bagac, Bataan — March 25, 2016

I rarely post photos with me on it, but this one that my mom took is so good I just had to post it here.

We were invited by my cousin KC (who is the reason why I got my hands on the internet) to go to Bagac, Bataan. This one’s a four-hour trip from Manila through the North Luzon Expressway so we had to meet up by 1AM.

We’ve reached the destination by 6AM and once I stepped my foot in the beach, the sand was oh so soft to step on. That’s when I shut off my brain and relaxed in the seashore playing with the sand, making structures and such (only to be washed away). This was also the first time I’ve seen a real beach.

The photos you see above are from our trip to the cave through a small boat that can carry 12 passengers. I can see the ocean clearly.

At best, I got a good souvenir with me through the photos that Ma got. Thanks for the great memories.