B’lue, also known as “Flavored Water”

  • Food

[December 27, 2015] – I’ve been walking long distances as a form of therapy (something that I love to do more often these days), and this time, I decided to walk from the Manggahan Floodway to SM Megamall for an appointment. As I get to Frontera Verde, I chanced upon trying out Danone Universal Robina Beverages’ B’lue water-based drink.

There are two flavors of B’lue as far as I know – Lychee and Calamansi

Let’s talk about expectations — I expect that drinking B’lue is like drinking sugar diluted in water, but lo, that wasn’t the case. B’lue is basically C2, minus the coloring. I think that’s an appropriate description.

This drink costs ₱26 pesos at Mini Stop, I believe, but I think I’ll only buy this once. Spending ₱26 is not worth it — and if I have to pick between C2 and this, I’d pick the former.