Attack on Titan: On determination and happiness

Originally published at Deremoe on April 30, 2013.

This is a post-viewing outlook written during the middle of the series’ broadcast.

Sasha Braus is ❤

I have watched the first four episodes of Attack on Titan, and so far I got all the collective thoughts I need to rap up a post in regards to the series.

Now, I think the most common thing about fellow anibloggers talking about Attack on Titan is either they have read the manga before it was animated or not, depends on the case. In this case, I haven’t.

What piques me about the series is its similarity with Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita (somehow). There is an obvious difference between the two series — Jintai talks about mankind in decline because it’s either they don’t know what to do anymore or it’s just that they sucked at life; while Attack on Titan talks about humanity in decline because they’re dominated by a dominating force, and they have to survive by dealing with them head-on.

Basically, these two series talks about mankind in decline. Moving back to Titan, the series makes sense to me — notice that the mankind is in a state of extinction (as per the synopses shown online), but they are still moving forward.

Take a look at Sasha Braus (the potato girl; above) — what makes her cheerful like that? Is it that she fulfilled something that makes her happy? I see it differently. She had heard stories about Titans before and was forced to move out of her hometown, but she is still herself, doing silly things and such, making her a comic relief in the series, hence the Potato Girl title that was embedded into her.

Long story short, there is still hope amid the horror. Before we go way off the topic, let’s talk about Eren’s maturity into a man. I have noticed the guy when he was also forced out of his hometown and his journey into the recon corps, as well as being traumatized. Focusing on his character, what I can see constant about him is that he is determined (he was set to be set in the first place, yes?) — and that determination that he has is something we can learn through him.

Attack on Titan has been raved by its fans, and now I know why. We’ll learn more from these guys in the next few episodes of the anime series, so I would like to watch this further for any developments. Once I got a collective thought of the next episodes, I’ll let you know.