Attack on Titan 2 on Aniplus this April 2017

Hello, everyone — I’ve been receiving letters from Aniplus about their latest offerings, which is kind of a waste since there is no easy way to watch the channel yet until the Tribe app launched in the country (I will post my review of the app this Monday morning).

Aniplus sent me an email last night announcing that they will simulcast Attack on Titan 2 in April 2017 — it’s the continuation of the beloved apocalyptic series where humanity fights titans so they can break free from their confined walls (three of them) that were built to protect themselves.

Hajime Isayama’s manga of the same name has been adapted into a 24-episode series, two live-action movies, a parody manga (which got animated as well), a light novel series and two video games.

They’ll be announcing more details in the future, and I’ll let you know as soon as possible once I get their message. This will show up on Aniplus’ live streaming on the Tribe app but no details yet if it will be available as well on its on-demand section.

On a somehow-unrelated seiyuu note, I give you this. Happy Saturday from Manila!