ATTACK ON TITAN 2 on Aniplus this April 2

Ever since the day the Colossal Titan appeared and destroyed the peace and dreams of humanity, Eren Jaegar’s endless fight continues… After helplessly watching his mother get devoured by a Titan, Eren vows to exterminate every single one of them from the face of the world.

A new battle is already upon them. A horde of Titans advances toward Wall Rose! How will mankind stand against them? — synopsis

Alrighty, ladies and gentlemen, Attack on Titan 2 will premiere on Aniplus Asia this April 2, Sunday at 6:00pm MNL time, with encore episodes every Sunday 10:00pm MNL time (schedule subject to change without prior notice.)Aniplus has released more info on their site as well.

In the Philippines, you can watch Aniplus on the Tribe app. Read my review of the app on how to use it.

(This information was sent to me by Aniplus through email.)