To App.net and Ello, 2015

This is a “write drunk, edit sober” post, in which I will have to edit later when my brain’s ready to do so. For the meantime, I’ll let you read my thoughts.

How long was it when App.net opened to the public and said “We’re going to make an open, ad-free, user-backed Twitter?” They started in August 2012. How long was it when Ello said “We’re going to make a Facebook that doesn’t screw our data?” They started in March 2014.

2015’s almost closing. Here’s what I see on these two social networks: I had opened accounts with these two, and as of the moment I took both down.

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In fairness, App.net makes sure that the user makes sure they’re going to remove their account from the system.

Because most people prefer Facebook and Twitter (and I am not even close to having a decent conversation in App.net and Ello because of that fact), I have decided it’s time to take down both of my accounts there** to limit my online presence.

Both Ello and App.net have their audience, so they won’t die yet — ello is more into design as far as I can see; and App.net is still for developers, the way it was.

On another note

Come to think of it, the last blog update App.net has posted was on May 6, 2014, telling people that they’re here to stay:App.net State of the UnionAs many are aware, the first major round of subscription renewals from the original App.net launch happened a few weeks…blog.app.net

As for Ello’s blog (or rather, their Ello profile), they’re filled with recommended stuff. It gives an impression that they’re more of an open mix of Facebook and Tumblr minus the unnecessary stuff. Also, they’re more into emojis than Facebook, seriously.

* I deleted my ello account earlier this year, and I even forgot when I’ve deleted it. Meanwhile, if the current state of App.net continues, I predict that they’re going to be more boring than their current state five years from now. Just a hunch.