On a Sunday morning, my Android phone got bricked. Later that day, I tried to ask technicians what could be the problem. One of them was able to place in a correct ROM, but that fix didn’t bring back the LCD screen.

My phone works — the notifications, the keys below the screen, and perhaps the touchscreen as well. All that’s working wrong is the LCD.

The next day, I went to the official service center and the clerk told me that the LCD is Php1,500 with Php550 for labor — plus incoming costs if they found out that the phone is bricked (it is, I don’t want to tell them yet). That’s Php2,450+.

I went on to ask her: “So that means I’ll just have to buy a new phone?” She said basically yes.

I then told my wallet: “You ready for this?” It said “No.” I also had budget constraints as well.

I went to the nearby mall to search for cheaper Android phones, only to find out that the cheapest of them is Php1,000, which is not really the thing I want to ask my wallet again.

I decided to buy a 400-peso phone as a backup instead. It’s like getting back to your basic phone minus the good camera and WiFi access that my broken phone has. At least that’s much better than having none.

The frustrating thing is that I also had my laptop rendered useless because of numerous updates AND a registry breakdown. With some fixes, I was able to get back to Windows 7, and I’m using it as I speak. That was close, but the poor phone has to be fixed.