All the food and drinks from Blogapalooza

Hello, guys. I was supposed to pull this post up last week if not for me overworking myself, so before I go back to bed, here’s a quick recap of all the food and drinks that I’ve had from last week’s “Blogapalooza: Horizons” in Quezon City.

Arla / Cocio

Arla and Cocio are distributed by the same company in the country, Fly Ace Corporation, from Denmark. Prior to drinking Cocio, one of my friends recommended it, and his recommendation is not a joke at all. At a price range of Php60 to Php70, I guess this one’s worth its taste and price.

On the other hand, I was first introduced to Arla during Madrid Fusion. While I don’t have any comment about Arla, I say that the dishes you can make with Arla products taste good.

Megawatt Pizza

Megawatt is a tex-mex resto in Gilmore, QC, and they served their best-seller pizza at the Blogapalooza. Look ma, it’s so thin, it’s like eating ham!

Gold Stack Honey Butter Chips

I tried a sample of this during the event, and it’s worth the raves that they show on the poster, such as this:

I brought it to the office, and the can was out in just one sitting after sharing it with my boss and our office mates.

Hotteok King

I also tasted some samples from Hotteok King, but what I loved the most is the lemon iced tea that they serve alongside the rice meals. Its taste reminds me why my friend likes his iced tea lemon and nothing else.

Vita Coco

I had two of these because it’s just great. It’s not sweetened, and it has a different packaging. (Take note, if your coconut juice is sweetened, chances are it’s processed.) I also had a taste of this during Madrid Fusion prior to dunking two full bottles.

That’s all for me at the moment. Stay safe in the rain, and as for me, get well soon.