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I’m among the guys that doesn’t want to bother with how Android Lollipop deals with its USB Mass Storage feature as:

  1. I have to connect cables, and
  2. Connecting the phone and computer through USB don’t work that well most of the time.

I once tried an application called “WiFi File Transfer” where it uploads and downloads stuff to and from the phone — too bad it has a 25MB limit, so I resorted to another application called AirDroid. I only realized the importance of this application as I’ve been using the previous one before, but now that I’ve used it, I’m going to stick with it.

I mainly use these kinds of apps to transfer files wirelessly up to a gigabyte, and with AirDroid, they can do that. Among my favorite features on AirDroid are its camera, screenshot and notifications functions. The camera and screenshot features don’t seem to use Adobe Flash and relies on HTML5, which is a plus considering that Flash may die sooner than we think.

I was expecting that AirDroid will limit file uploads to my phone within the range of 25MB, but I’m really happy with what I’ve seen as I used it. If you activated the bonus feature of AirDroid, you are given more allocation such as 200MB upload rate and the camera app.

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Best of all, they have a Lite Version where I can just connect locally (by locally, I meant logging in to http://192.168.X.X) with or without data. In a place called the Philippines where data will be soon be paid in megabytes and not by the time it is used, this is a plus factor.

The other features that I will not delve for now is its location tracking function.

…if I have time and the guts to do so, I’m going to review more applications. Apparently, it is a freemium app – you may want to verify this with them.