Aidol Fiesta volume 1: Idol event in the Philippines

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Upcoming collaboration between Do it for the Aidols and DareDemo Sekai set on May 5

I’ve been through a handful of idol-related events such as the 1st Manila Idol Matsuri and BONDS Indie Idol Fan-meet* last year, and I can say to myself that I’m not yet done with idols outside MNL48 (this I will explain in Episode 36 of the podcast to be released on Sunday afternoon Manila time).

This May 5, I’ll be at The Roxy Events Place in Quezon City as our friends from Do it for the Aidols (DIFTA) and DareDemo Sekai will be collaborating for the first Aidol Fiesta.

Some members of the DIFTA team (including Cyalume Dance World Battle 2018 Philippine representative Wiljanz Lopez) has experienced idol events in Japan and other countries.

They want to share the experience they felt through this event, which promises a “different kind of Aidoru experience” for those who will be at the Aidol Fiesta.

Their latest set of guests are as follows:

  • Aidoru Sozai (LoveSo~. This year, they had a new single “Make my Happiness” released, followed its two official remixes.)
  • CH4U (Can also be read as “Chou” which translates to butterfly. They just had a refresh for this year.)
  • Alliance of Limitless Idols Connecting Everyone (A.L.I.C.E. Project PH, which I refer to as “Alyansa”)
  • Seishun Kakumei (A 7-year active cover group notable for their i☆Ris and 9nine propaganda — I mean dance covers. I refer to them nowadays as “Barangay SK” and I’m a source of their “Seishun Kaku-memes” as well)
  • Local Wotagei performance teams Hibana and Senkou Wotagei Dan (I’ll be featuring them in a video coming soon.)
  • Zeroblade (who was also a featured DJ for the Lumica Booth at Cosplay Mania 2018.)

A New Face, plus a Relaunch

Aidol Fiesta vol. 1 is a host to the debut stage of solo idol Tamakyan, as well as the comeback stage of Urodia which has been absorbed into the DIFTA umbrella since August last year.

I look forward to what they will offer to their current and future fans.

Open Casting

This event aims to spread the aidoru culture in the country further, so they added a feature to this event: Open Casting.

This is basically an audition for two vacant stage slots in the program.

Aidol Fiesta vol. 1 will be held at The Roxy Events Place located at Ground Floor, Alfredo’s Restaurant Bldg., Tomas Morato Ave., Brgy. Laging Handa Quezon City (the landmark is Tokyo Bubble Tea, and it’s beside Seattle’s Best Coffee).

Tickets are available on-site for Php350, but you can pre-order at Php300 — just send an email at See you there!

*To be quite honest, I got to the venue almost at the end of the event.