AFTERLOST, Isekai Quartet added to Aniplus’ Spring 2019 simulcasts

Two new series to follow “Attack on Titan 3” in the channel’s season lineup

Last time, I told you about Attack on Titan returning to Aniplus. This time, they sent me a follow-up adding two more titles in this season’s simulcasts.


Premiere: 7 April 2019, every Sundays 12:00am

So yeah, it’s Sugibro and KanaHana headlining this series about a lost city, the “sole survivor of that lost city,” the “lone wolf courier” (who has received a message from his father who was gone missing) and their fates intertwining.

Looking from the Promo Video alone, you should already feel that sense of edginess and unpredictability that this show has to offer.

According to Aniplus, this is the number 1 most anticipated game to anime adaptation based on the smartphone hit game by Wright Flyer Studios with download numbers of 9.5 million by mid of 2018.

This series is directed by Shigeyuki Miya and produced by Madhouse (One-Punch Man, Death Note).

Isekai Quartet

Premiere: 9 April 2019, every Tuesdays 12:30am

Actually, I’m much more interested in this. I’ll get my seiyuu glasses 2.0 on, just a mome — ALRIGHT BOIS LET’S GET TO THE ACTION, CLEMENTINE* AND TANYA, EMILIA AND MEGUMIN, WHAT A WONDERFUL SIGHT TO SEE!

Overlord! KonoSuba! Re:Zero! Tanya the Evil! Mashups! AAAAAAAAAAAA—

No kidding, I’ll watch this. I’m a sucker for crossover comedies. End of story. Watch this watch this watch this.

* will Clementine actually appear though?

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