Jay Agonoy is no stranger to podcasting – he started experimenting around his high school years, but this is perhaps his third try.

Since the initial release on March 15, 2018, the podcast went past its 50th episode mark, and now has a fixed schedule – Mondays at 9:00am Manila time every two weeks.

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Episode 71: Community Quarantine Situation in Manila, Cebu and other places

This podcast streamed last April 18 on Facebook Live puts my DTV Pilipinas colleagues Red Mendoza, Kyle Florencio, Dennis Martinez and Cebu’s Cosplay Event Buzzer Gary Montejo in a special conversation on the Quarantine Situation in select parts of Metro Manila as well as Cebu. This is the first time we did a live stream through StreamYard. Sign up now and host your broadcast on one of the different platforms available for free: https://streamyard.com?pal=5187783270858752

Episode 71: Community Quarantine Situation in Manila, Cebu and other places
Episode 71: Community Quarantine Situation in Manila, Cebu and other places
Episode 70: Wotagei Scene in the Philippines
Episode 69 – Online Cosplay Convention
Episode 68: Wonderland Hiraya (Quarantine Episode)
Episode 67: Otakufest 2020 Special
Episode 66: Esports in Cebu + BS in Esports with Unity Productions' Max Maquiling
Episode 65: Marupok – I thought I will no longer talk about MNL48 again.
Episode 64: Pop Culture Events in the Philippines 2019
Episode 63: Motorcycle Taxis (Angkas, JoyRide, Move It)
Episode 62: Cosplay Matsuri 2019 + Best of 2019
Episode 61: 2019 Recap
Episode 60: Cosplay in Zamboanga with Scar Faeder
Episode 59: ARCHcon 2019 Post-Event
Episode 58: Coslandia 2019 / Melody Road Anime Feature
Episode 57: #iBlog15
Episode 56: The Cosplay Effect
Episode 55: Cosplay Recommendations
Episode 54: Paid Photoshoots in Cosplay Events
Episode 53: Weathering with You
Episode 52: Cosplay Tanabata 7
Episode 51: World Cosplay Summit 2019
Episode 50: The Big 5-0 Nostalgia Episode!
Episode 49: Cosplay Incidents in Malaysia / Piracy and Content Addiction + More
Episode 48: Geass, Blinks and ACX
Episode 47: Casual Discussion on Anime & Cosplay
Episode 46: Pinoy Otaku Festival 2019 Idol Special
Episode 45: Kurosawa won't tell the big picture
Episode 44: MNL48 Second General Election (Rant)
Episode 43: Nice (VOTEMNL48) / Sneak Peek into How I do things
Episode 42: Ash / Joyce (VOTEMNL48)
Episode 41: Faith / Shaira & Shaina (VOTEMNL48)
Episode 40: Idol Fishing?
Episode 39: Unpopular Opinion and Theories about MNL48
Episode 38: Nostalgia Trip (plus how Back2Gaming's MNL48 Weekly came to be) with Stan Galupo
Episode 37: To MNL48 we started talking, To MNL48 we shall keep talking.
Episode 36: It's Election season – #VOTEkeepsakes.!
Episode 35: Otakufest 2019 [Part 2]
Episode 34: Otakufest 2019 [Part 1]
Episode 33: Big Bad Wolf Book Sale, Phantom of the Opera, pre-Otakufest 2019
Episode 32: Project Materia
Episode 31: Wonder Festival Winter 2019 Discussion
Episode 30: Theories on Crunchyroll-Funimation debacle
Episode 29: Meidolls Cafe, revisited
Episode 28: Anime Idol Convention 2019
Episode 27: Yuri Talk with The Lily Cat's Serena
Episode 26: Casual discussion with Cebu's Cosplay Event Buzzer
Episode 25: Shonen Jump and Con Fatigue with Anime Pilipinas' JM Melegrito
Episode 24: Cosplay Matsuri 2018 and more
Episode 23: The last event weekend of 2018
Episode 22: Here at Camp DIFTA…
Episode 21: Games AND Wrestling
Episode 20: The correlation of idols in my life
Episode 19: Marketing Tactics, Strawless Restaurants, Barangay 143 and more Idols
Episode 18: Cosplay Mania 2018
Episode 17: Cafeterium Chaldeas, MNL48, Otaku Musika 2018
Episode 16: "Con Fatigue," Radio Debut and more
Episode 1: MNL48, Conditional Access on Digital TV and more
Episode 15: Post-Manila Idol Matsuri 2018 Discussion
Episode 14: Preparations for Manila Idol Matsuri 2018
Episode 13: The World Cosplay Championship
Episode 12: World Cosplay Summit 2018 Special – Team SeKai
Episode 11: Life, Gambles, Business and Politics
Episode 10: Where will I be at next?
Episode 9: Pinoy Otaku Festival 2018 bonus chat and MNL48's First Fan Meet
Episode 8: What am I watching now, Produce48, Google Assistant and more offline activities
Episode 7: MNL48 General Elections and my Davao journey
Episode 6: No idols, only tech bits
Episode 5: Indie Idols, Data Privacy and Cryptocurrency.
Episode 4: NatsuMatsuri 2018
Episode 3: The latest happenings, plus a year-old column
Episode 2: Thought Leadership, MNL48, Food Con and Yaoi Con (of all places, Jay? Really?)
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Majority of the podcast is more on conversations with people. Here’s a list of episodes ranging from anime, cosplay, idols, and even wrestling.


No matter how he looks away from the MNL48 fandom, the podcast says otherwise – it has hosted 10 episodes related to the Filipina sister group of AKB48, one of the biggest musical acts in Japan.