Jay Agonoy is no stranger to podcasting – he started experimenting around his high school years, but this is perhaps his third try.

Since the initial release on March 15, 2018, the podcast went past its 70th episode mark, and now has a fixed schedule – Mondays at 9:00am Manila time every two weeks.

Latest Episode

Episode Archive

Episode 79: Japan's Crackdown on Piracy Sites: What now? keepsakes.

  1. Episode 79: Japan's Crackdown on Piracy Sites: What now?
  2. Episode 78: Usapang Wotagei at [email protected] with Hinootora
  3. Episode 77: Career Talk – Cosplay to Digital Marketing
  4. Podcast 76: Cebu Hobby Events Organizers' Roundtable
  5. Podcast 75: In and Out of Cosplay
  6. Episode 74: Cue the X-Files Theme
  7. Episode 73: Yuri Anime to Watch During Quarantine
  8. Episode 72: Virtual YouTubers
  9. Episode 71: Community Quarantine Situation in Manila, Cebu and other places
  10. Episode 70: Wotagei Scene in the Philippines

Key Topics


Majority of the podcast is more on conversations with people. Here’s a list of episodes ranging from anime, cosplay, idols, and even wrestling.


No matter how he looks away from the MNL48 fandom, the podcast says otherwise – it has hosted 10 episodes related to the Filipina sister group of AKB48, one of the biggest musical acts in Japan.