“A Day as a Deviant,” July 2012

Among the things that I consider as my great pieces is this one I wrote for my campus paper in 2012, in which I’ve expanded just a single experience into four long paragraphs.

Deviations are acts that violate the common norms people got used to. These are organized into two sections: Felonies (serious crimes) and Misdemeanors (less serious offences). You may have learned this on your Sociology class.

One day, I thought — “How about if I became a deviant for a day?”, since I was wearing my rubber shoes and it is not yet Saturday. As I entered the campus, the security personnel noticed my improper uniform and asked me if it is my time for the PE class. I replied, “No, Sir.” He asked if I have my leather shoes handy. I replied the same. Then I was suddenly inside the Guidance Office, have my School ID in their possession and was given a Warning Slip as the counselor reminded me that I have to comply with the policies for two days or have another sanction added in my permanent record.

Fortunately, I was able to comply and I got my School ID back. I also did another form of deviation: I skipped class and went to the nearby Internet Café to check out the latest on my Facebook wall. Both of those deviations I did almost risked my chances of having a good moral character in case I need to request one. What I learned about being a deviant for a day is that some people look at College life as “uninteresting” or “boring”, so they add some spice in their life by doing these things.

It’s not like deviation is a wrong thing, but you can’t forget the time when you did a misdemeanor in your life you will even tell it to your grandsons or granddaughters as the years pass… although real crimes are of a different case.

My deviance is still there — I speak in memes for kicks most of the time, but as time passes, I learn where to place myself.