9.9 Sale: Desk Diary – September 09, 2020

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By this time, I am already wondering how malls survive. Some stores are still closed, most have physical distancing measures implemented, but overall, there’s less people coming in – except if it’s a supermarket or a bank, which brings in the necessities.

Then there’s online shopping, where the numbers mean crowds. The monthly sales of e-commerce giants Alibaba, Lazada and Shopee is our kind of Black Friday sale in the U.S.

These “Super Shopping Days” get people to buy, buy, buy, buy, buy with discounts and freebies galore, plus the catchy tones they use to market the numbers culture into us.

I for one have been hooked with the latest Shopee 9.9 jingle played to the tune of “You Know I’ll go Get” remixed by Rizky Ayuba based off Enrique Iglesias’ “Finally Found You.” I even know the dance moves! I can dance!

Shopee is fond of nostalgia as well, having Jose Mari Chan in the Philippine side and Gurmit Singh, popularly known as Phua Chu Kang, in Singapore. Side Note: Phua Chu Kang (Pvt. Ltd) aired on TV5 in Manila around 10 years ago.

Ignoring the logistics of these online sales, it is exciting to add to cart, apply the coupons and then wait for 12:00am on September 9 to check out.

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Allow me to sing a song:

“Lloyd Cadena para sa pagbabago, ta-ta-tara na-ta-ta-ta-tara na…”

Lloyd Cafe Cadena knows how to whip up catchy novelty jingles.

Imagine from being a vlogger, he went on to have a radio stint at MBC’s Love Radio. Then he wrote his own book. He wore many hats.

I think that one catchy jingle is the one thing I’ll remember about Lloyd. He will be missed.

You suck, 2020. First was Emman and now Lloyd. Stop it, it ain’t funny.

Capping off this Desk Diary: Finally COVER Corporation has released “A Statement Regarding Measures Against Harassment of Hololive Members,” showing that the VTuber agency is committed to taking action against people with no heart and lots of time to do unworthy things.

If you find any slanderous act against any hololive talent, file a report here: https://cover-corp.com/report/.

With Mano Aloe in mind, if we see something, say something.

Let’s also do our part in being sensible VTuber fans. Here’s a gist:

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