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What are the things that you can get for ₱9,500?

  • Two smartphones (or an iPhone plan, perhaps?)
  • One room for rent (One month advance, one month deposit).
  • A HD TV set.
  • A desktop computer set (you can save more by buying the parts separately and learning to assemble it one by one).
  • A food supply that can last two months.
  • Two to three costume sets complete with accessories.
  • Five to seven Funko Pops if various designs.
  • Monopod and additional accessories for your video recording rig.
  • A refrigerator (that you can use to produce Ice Candies like that one supplier of special ice candy from Antipolo who is making waves in the MSME scene).
  • A washing machine.
  • A two-term course in college.
  • Dozens of books for your library (or thousands of them on digital).
  • Medium-risk investment funds (or stocks in rising companies).

There’s a lot of things you can buy or get or invest with at that price.

I’m really happy that the Tarpaulin Auction in Ozine events are still alive and kicking, but I just can’t help but to frown at the total bid of the Rem/Ram tarp (that might be paid to the original artist of the illustration used in it).


₱9,500. That topped the record in the history of Ozine events. That is now also the second-highest among the bids in the local fandom events scene, next to the legit ₱16,000 item during HenshinCon 2015’s launch party at One Esplanade.

People have predicted that with the influx of Re:Zero […], things will get more lit, but it just got so lit that I am bothered with the almost-five-figure bid price.

I just hope everyone tones down when it comes to these.