Want to become a Virtual YouTuber? Watch these 8 wonderful personalities

Virtual YouTubers are the rage in 2020. VTubie lists more than 3,000 virtual personalities streaming on either Twitch and YouTube. There are much more

You want to be a Virtual personality too, but do you know where to go first?

Want to become a Virtual YouTuber? Watch these 8 wonderful personalities

I will be recommending five eight wonderful personalities who are in this community. These personalities can give you ideas on what to expect, what to do, what not to do, and how to move forward.

1. domoarigathanks (Virtual YouTuber interviews)

I’ve mentioned Domo (or Kevin) in a previous post, but I’ll mention him again: He’s that guy you can count on for indie VTuber interviews. Hands down. He’s into current VTuber trends, and he is well-respected.

What you can learn from him: The way he talks to VTubers, showing the lore, riding their jokes, being bullied and the way he interacts with the people in chat.

2. Brian Tsui (Virtual YouTuber technical matters)

Brian is the founder of Iron Vertex, a Live2D commission guild founded in 2018. His efforts to gather and train Live2D designers got the attention of Live2D itself, making him and the group a collaborator to standardize Technical Live2D.

3. Denchi (Virtual YouTuber software)

Aside from being a Live2D instructor for Iron Vertex, he is a Live2D Interactive Creative Awardee and the programmer behind VTube Studio, an application officially licensed to use the Live2D software developer kit (SDK).

4. Minari Studio (Virtual YouTuber music)

This virtual sheep has composed music for a variety of VTubers ranging from Hololive talents to the independent ones, which are available on YouTube.

5. Kentama (Virtual YouTuber experience)

While Kentama streams as a VTuber within his schedule, he also shares his life experiences which can be helpful for those who are struggling with their VTuber journey. He’s YOUR little pogchamp.

6. Lyrica (Virtual YouTuber interactions)

What I love about Lyrica is her enthusiasm on each stream, especially with her hosting of online Tetris Matches where she always loses to the bigger beasts and still haves fun doing it.

Aside from Tetris, she also interacts well with her fans on Discord, making them read the lines of Noli me Tangere or reading them lines from Bob Ong’s “ABNKKBSNPLAko?!” in ASMR mode.

This 69-year old retried magical girl from the 77th magical girl class has a lot of ideas, and you can learn from her. Look, she even has a bedroom review.

7. Akai Haato (crazy Virtual YouTuber content)

If you are leaning into making memes, Haachama is your best friend. While she’s stuck in Australia, she’s doing memes after memes after memes.

She has become a meme herself: Imagine cooking the way chefs don’t want to do so, eating an edible tarantula for a food stream, et cetera.

Haachama Cooking is a new standard for edgy cooking, something that Filthy Frank has done when he’s active on YouTube.

8. Hana Macchia (Virtual YouTuber humanity)

Among all of the VTubers I’ve watched, I am proud to introduce Hana Macchia the most. She’s setting a good example of how human a VTuber is.

Let me expand on that: Having your parent join you is a big feat that offer something unique on the table. She did that with her dad, a gamer. As far as I’ve seen, she’s the first to have that kind of setup.

I hope these personalities can help you build your way of life as a Virtual YouTuber and as a content creator. I don’t think I’ll stop writing about Virtual YouTubers soon enough, so bear with me when I gush.

keepsakes. has a lot of content related to Virtual YouTubers, mostly about supporting them and convincing them to be on solid grounding, character-wise.

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