7 Videos, 7 Days

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7 Videos to be released this vacation week (to be updated daily)

Hi guys! It’s already vacation week. It’s been a long time since I released videos, so now that I’m taking my time off, let me show you these quick videos that I made once I got free time.

Here’s the thing: You won’t be seeing it until I press the “Publish” button on the YouTube channel.

Day 1: The BGC Bus

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The BGC Bus is already the best place to relax and at the same time stroll around the Bonifacio Global City, and what’s more interesting is that I was able to find a spot where I can leave my phone to record footage from point A to point B.

Day 2: CREATE Philippines 2017

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The next video will be about one of the events that I’m tasked to provide the voice-over for. It’s a co-located event of one of the much-awaited creative shows in the country. It’s a very quick video though, since I am focusing on my voice-over work.

Day 3: ESGS 2017

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Day 4: Habal-Habal from Pasig to Pasay

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Prior to Day 2, I will show you what happened to me as I course through a hot Sunday traffic.

Day 5: Returning a lost ID Card

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Day 6: Seiyuu reference

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Day 7

I’m still making the video I am allotting for Day 7, I’ll let you know on Twitter (@JayAgonoy) once it’s up. There’s no Day 7, sorry, I failed the challenge.

If you enjoy this series (that rarely happens because you know, adulting), let me know on Twitter.