3rd Japan Education Fair and Convention in Manila

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It’s my first time to attend the Japan Education Fair and Convention organized by Jellyfish Education Consultancy. This is their third time, and they held it at the Decagon place inside Silver City at Frontera Verde, Pasig.

It’s quite a small event, but it got its niche well. I noticed the enthusiasm among the attendees, the fact that they were really interested to learn Japanese and also work/study in Japan. Here’s some of the things that I have heard:

  1. Foreigners go to Japan mainly because of the country’s cultural exports (a no-brainer).
  2. As of October 31, 2015, there are over 900,000 foreign workers in Japan — and 13% are Filipinos.
  3. Japanese companies hire foreign workers due to globalization and possible plans for global expansion.
  4. In Japan, job interviews are sacred. They are critical to appearance and eye contact.
  5. If you are renting an apartment in Japan, you have a contract. If someone asks you to stay at your place, you need to let your caretaker know if it’s OK. Also, it’s not OK to confront your apartment neighbor by yourself if they are noisy or bothersome. Your caretaker is the one you should trust in this case.
  6. The legal drinking age in Japan is 20. You take responsibility if you asked anyone over 20 to drink, so make sure you know your comrades’ age before your drink.
  7. You can work part-time provided if you have (1) your student visa and (2) your school’s approval. Not having any of the two won’t allow you to do so. Also, be wary of part-time work with high pay, as it might be an illegal practice. Just like New Game!, you can do part-time work on long season breaks, just make sure it won’t affect your study times.
  8. You pay for your bike parking. Bike parking spaces are mostly near train stations.

I’m capping off the day with this photo taken at SM Center Pasig. By the way, I’m going to be at iBlog12 at the UP College of Law’s Malcolm Theater on September 16. See you there!